Your Legal Rights

If you received unwanted calls to your cell phone, GET MORE INFORMATION by calling 1-202-234-2727.

You may also contact HLF using the FREE CONSULTATION form.  HLF assists people who are wrongly contacted by companies looking for a different person, as well as those who were contacted after first requesting that a company stop calling them.  Anyone who was called on a wireless number, whether personal or business, may have a claim as well, if the telemarketing company did not receive the called party’s prior express written consent.

Your Legal Rights

The following is my quick summary of your legal rights against any company that calls you using an autodialer or through a pre-recorded message.  Most importantly you have have the ability to collect $500 per call you because they have violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

The Quick Facts About Telemarketing Spam

If you have received an autodialed or pre-recorded message phone call you may be able to recover anywhere from $500 – $1500 for call.  It is HLF’s job to help you hold that company responsible for calling you without your consent and to help you collect the money that is rightfully owed to you.

Why Are AutoDialed and Pre-recorded Calls Illegal?

In 1991, Congress passed the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), 47 U.S.C section 227.  This law prohibits companies from making “any call using any automatic telephone dialing system…to any telephone number assigned to a…cellular telephone service.”  This law was created to halt the rise of annoying robocalls and predictive dialed calls that are annoying, invasive, and can sometimes cost you money if you have a cell phone plan limited to a certain amount of minutes per month.  Fortunately, this law created a way to help the consumer fight back against illegal phone spam and to hold the spammer liable for $500 – $1500 per phone call.

Did You Consent to Receive the Autodialed Call?

The key area that HLF first investigates in determining if you have a valid case is to first determine whether you gave the company consent to call you through an auto-dialer or pre-recorded message.  If you gave the company this consent then you don’t have a case.  It is possible to withdraw this consent by notifying them that you no longer wish to receive these autodialed and prerecorded calls, and then if they continue to call you through this then you would have a case against them.

If you never gave the company consent in the first place, then you probably have a good case that HLF, PLLC can help you pursue.

You May Be Able To Recover Between $500 – $1500 Per Phone Call

The law specifically provides for you to bring a lawsuit to recover anywhere from $500 – $1500 per auto-dialed or pre-recorded message phone call you received.  If they called you knowingly that they had no right to call you by an autodialer or prerecorded message then they can be liable to pay you $1500 per phone call.

If you were wondering why the penalties are so stiff for companies that use autodialers and prerecorded messages, the answer is that consumer are so fed up with these annoying calls that this is the only way to prevent companies from continuing to use these methods.  In other countries of the world, consumers receive several spam phone calls like this per day since their countries to do have still penalties for violators like the US.

What Can You Do Now To Recover Your Money?

HLF, PLLC investigates each and every phone spam report that you send to us.  If after HLF’s investigation, HLF determines that you in fact received an auto-dialed or pre-recorded message phone call and that HLF can help you recover the money you rightly deserve, then an HLF attorney will contact you and bring a lawsuit on your behalf to help you recover the money.

If your interested in seeing if HLF, PLLC can recover for your text message spam, then fill out our Report Telemarketer Abuse form, and HLF, PLLC will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

If you need to register your telephone number with the “National Do Not Call Registry”, and/or for more information on this registry please visit:

It is best practice to collect information about the offending callers.  Fill out HLF’s Report Telemarketer Abuse Form.  You can fill out and submit this form with information about unwanted callers that is helpful for attorneys representing you in your case.  You can view or download the form HERE.